What Not To Wear To Your Job Interview

An interview is a pivotal, make-or-break moment when searching for employment. So in order to avoid unintentionally approaching an interview as careless, these 6 WHAT NOT TO WEAR TO YOUR JOB INTERVIEW tips will prevent common clothing and appearance mistakes.

Go For a More Natural Look

Today is not the day to practice your contour, try crazy colored eyeshadows, or mimic your favorite makeup guru’s newly uploaded YouTube video. Put the mink eyelashes down and go for a more subtle appearance. Think Meghan Markle.


No Bright, Bulky Costume Jewelry

Try a simpler, less flashy jewelry look. This also applies to nails. Tell your nail tech to hold off on the embellished coffin-shaped claws – At least until your next appointment. However, for safety purposes, some positions prohibit acrylics or long nails in general. Oh, and don’t forget to remove any facial piercings.


Dress For Success

If your outfit is exposing any undergarments…change quick! Don’t wear any jeans or capris, stick with slacks. Make sure to go with a professional blouse or collared shirt, no casual tee shirts, or hats. Avoid any open-toed shoes or high heels. Steer clear of low cut shirts or tops that open in the back.


Mannerisms and Posture

Not only is your clothing choice critical, but your body language speaks volumes. No matter what, do not slouch in your chair. Sit up straight, smile, and look excited to be there. And always use your manners and be polite.


Ensure Grooming Habits Are Up To Par

Keep your hair brushed and out of your face to prevent distraction and always maintain eye contact.


Avoid Strong Overwhelming Scented Perfume, and Cologne

I’m sure your cologne or perfume smells fantastic but others may disagree. Also, be considerate of possible allergens, heightened senses, or scents that others may be intolerant to.


That about sums it up for What Not To Wear To Your Interview. Now go and slay your interviews! Best of luck!

Written By: Augusta Watson, Recruiter

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