Things Not To Say In An Interview

Whether interviewing in person or by phone, always keep the interview on a professional level. Here are a few things not to say in an interview.



Date Night??

Avoid any comments that may come off as flirtatious. Keep all compliments about your interviewer to yourself and never ask them “so what are you doing Friday night?”
Keep it professional and stick to the purpose of why you’re there.

Liar Liar, Pants on Fire

Hiring Managers use your resume to help guide the interview process. So never lie on your resume, your interviewer might ask you a question to test you, to see if you’ve really done a particular job. Make sure when interviewing, your actual skills match the resume.



Critical of The Past

While every job may not have been the best fit for you or your employer, when asked about prior employment, do not criticize former employees, supervisors, or company. Instead, highlight the positives and growth obtained while employed.




When you’ve submitted your resume to a few companies and filled out some applications, make sure to always answer your phone in a professional manner. Never answer with profanity or slang. It just might be the hiring manager on the other line calling to have a phone interview with you.



No Drama Zone

We all go through dramatic things in life, but a job interview is not a counseling session.  Try not to mention any personal drama during the interview, but highlight your professional training, job experience and how you will be a great asset to the company.


Unreasonable Request

Never make any unreasonable request during your interview. Requesting something like: “I need a job Monday through Friday, from noon to 1 pm with 1 hr lunches” would be unrealistic of course, but you’ll be surprised by the things that have been requested during the first interview.


This list of things not to say in an interview is not an exhausted list, but I think you got the point. Much success on your interviews, and remember…”watch what you say.”

Written By Rick Strouse, The Blogging Recruiter

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