Success Beyond Landing the Job: For The Championship Win

Success beyond landing the job is much like preparation for winning in a sport. Professional sports teams and individual athletes have specialized strategies and plans for translating a pregame win into a championship. A Champion does not rest when the first game is won, a true champion knows that’s when the real work begins. Now that you have started a new job, you are past the pregame win, and your championship strategy to be successful on the job begins.

Below are some tips to turn sports championship strategies into success on the job.

Strength Training for Success

What do you do to improve strengthen your core strengths? If organization is your strongest muscle, then show it off by implementing new technologies with applications or websites that will increase your organizational efficiencies in the workplace.


Speed & Agility Training

To an athlete, speed is the key to outperforming the opposition and the same is true for the workforce. The faster a quality product can be delivered, the happier the client or end user is. What can you do to improve your speed? Are you wasting time using processes that make you less efficient?


Interval Training

Interval training is used in sports and fitness to keep the muscles confused and prevent burnout. On the job, it’s beneficial to break up tasks to improve focus when you return to a task. Often in returning to a task, the solution is more apparent the second time the task is visited.


Cool Down

To an athlete, the cooldown is just as critical as the workout for the restoration and repair of muscles. As a professional in the work environment, your cool down process is just as critical. Are you getting enough rest in your time at home to be refreshed on the job? What things do you do to clear your mind to ensure that your mind is sharp the next morning?

If you have gained a new job opportunity, remember that your work has just started. Set goals and achieve your on-the-job championship by implementing your own success strategies.

Remeber there’s success beyond landing the job!

Written by: Meigann Yeamans, Account Manager

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