How To Go Permanent on a Temp-to-Perm Assignment

CTR Group offers, not only, contract and temporary opportunities, but temp-to-term assignments which could also lead to permanent placement after a 90-day probation period.  Here are 10 easy ways on how to go permanent on a temp-to-perm assignment.  


1. Never take a temp-to-perm position for “temporary” employment, or a job until something better comes along – always see it as an opportunity for advancement.

2. Make sure you have transportation or a guaranteed way of getting to work.

3. Show up for all scheduled shifts on time.

4. Do not call out unless it’s an actual emergency. Always provide legitimate documentation regarding your absence. 

5. Come prepared with the required tools or equipment needed to accomplish your daily tasks.

6. Follow dress codes.

7.  Stay determined and motivated.

8. Adhere to safety and work standards.

9. Maintain a professional demeanor – keep the drama outside of work.

10. Set personal goals for continuous improvement.

Follow these 10 steps on how to go permanent on a temp-to-perm assignment and before you know it you’ll be advancing in your career! 

Written by: Augusta Watson, Recruiter of CTR Group

Check out “Success Beyond Landing The Job” for more pointers once you’ve gone permanent on your job assignment.



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