A Staffing Company Can be Your Career Bridge

A staffing company can be your bridge between where you are professionally and where you want to be. Perhaps a career change has been on your mind or you have recently completed schooling in a specific field, let a staffing firm bridge the gap between you and the prospective employer.

Here is the path to follow:

1. Register with a staffing company that specializes in your field of work.

2. Keep your phone on you always and make sure to check your voicemail and text messages. If you receive a voicemail or text from your recruiter, always return their call as soon as possible.

3. Build a rapport with your recruiter, keep the connection, you never know when you may need them again.

staffing company

4. After your interview, remember to follow up with the recruiter to provide details on your experience with the company.

5. Treat every assignment as an advancement in your career. A short-term contract is just as critical for gaining skills as long-term careers. Remember, that professionals often work in small circles and you may cross paths with mutual acquaintances.

6. Refer your qualified friends and relatives who are seeking work. Since you had a positive experience landing the job, you may be able to help advance the career of an associate or loved one, too.

staffing company


Follow the guidelines above and discover how your staffing company can be your bridge and assist in taking your career bridge to the next level.

Written by Heidi Elam, Recruitment Coordinator









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