Why You Should Use a Staffing Agency

Why should you use a Staffing Agency? Well, several factors should be taken into consideration when making this decision.

Personality Profile

Are you a “Road warrior” or a “Home Body?” Working with an agency will provide the “Road Warrior” with a sense of adventure, new and exciting experiences, and a broad sense of which direction he/she would like to take their career.welding

Unless specified in the job description, going “Direct” with a company will offer less travel, but more often provide a longer, stable work history.

Short/Long Term Goals

Determining your short and long-term goals is always a good course of action to take when deciding between a staffing agency or direct hire application.  If your short-term goal is to make money fast and move to another assignment, a staffing agency will be your best bet with a contract position.  

Staffing Agency

On the other hand, if your long-term goal is to find a place of employment and stay until retirement, temp-hire and direct hire opportunities are the way to go.


Staffing agencies, such as the CTR Group provide a great deal of flexibility in the type of positions, shifts, and pay range available to a candidate, especially when the candidate has multiple skills.

Going direct usually limits a candidate to one position at a time with less flexibility in the desired shift; however, direct hires typically offer better pay/benefit packages.


While there are benefits to both staffing agencies and direct hire companies, many staffing agencies such as CTR Group offer benefit packages, including holiday pay, insurance, and paid time Off (PTO).

The best course of action is to check the company website to see which benefits are offered.


On a final note, CTR Group can offer the convenience of being a premier staffing agency that offers contract, temp-hire, and direct hire opportunities.

Let us be your choice of employment when it comes to providing your staffing and employment needs.

Written by Rick Strouse, Recruiter


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