5 Job Interview Questions You Need To Ask

You just aced the interview for your dream job and you are the perfect fit. Then the interviewee asks, “Do you have any questions?” Your mind races, and you blurt out “no.” Weeks go by and you never hear from them again.

Here are 5 job interview questions you need to ask that will help you leave each interview on a positive note and knowing what you should expect to gain from them.

1. Is there anything that would have made me more qualified for the positions?

This provides the employer time to give feedback and allows you to clarify areas they may have forgotten to address.

2. Is this a new position in the company?

This allows you to understand if they will be working to create the position, and if not what happened to the previous employee.

Job Interview question

3. What are the biggest challenges this position will face in the first 90 days?

This provides you with insight on which items they will likely need to address immediately.

4. What are the next steps in the interview process and how will I know if I have been selected?

This sets clear expectations of how and when feedback will be provided. I like to follow up the question with, “If I haven’t heard back by (specified date), would you prefer I send an email or call you?”

5. Do you have a business card?

Every interview should be followed up with a thank you email. This is the perfect opportunity to summarize and clarify your interest in the position.

The last thing, let the interviewee bring up salary and benefits on the first interview.

Hope these 5 job interview questions help you to land your dream job!

Written by Anne Preble, SPHR, MBA
Project Manager

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One thought on “5 Job Interview Questions You Need To Ask

  1. These are smart practical questions for any job candidate. #3 Re: “What are the biggest challenges this position will face in the first 90 days?” is particularly astute because the answer provides such a wealth of information about the company’s culture.

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