CTR Group: Your Premier Automotive Staffing Agency.

At CTR Group, we’re the Automotive Staffing Agency you can rely on to find the perfect match for your company’s needs. Our commitment to quality and precision in matching talent with opportunities is unmatched. We’re also excited to announce that General Motors has recently joined our family of distinguished clients.

Automotive Staffing Agency: A young mechanical engineer looking over a car on the production line. One of CTR Group's an Automotive staffing agency that staffs automotive companies nationwide.

Skilled Automotive Workers for Hire: Unleashing Potential

CTR Group operates on a national scale to find skilled automotive workers for hire. We understand the industry intricacies and have refined our recruitment processes to ensure that only the best talent is sourced for your company.

We are experts in providing staffing solutions for a wide range of automotive positions.

Whether you need:

– Highly skilled Automotive Engineers
– Proficient Automotive Technicians
– Meticulous Quality Assurance Inspectors
– Efficient Production Managers
– Experienced Automotive Mechanics
– Reliable Maintenance Technicians

Or any other automotive-related roles, we’ve got you covered.

Specialized Automotive Staffing Agency: A Tailored Approach

CTR Group stands out with its specialized automotive staffing solutions, offering a personalized service that understands your automotive company’s unique needs.

Direct Hire Staffing Solutions

When it’s time to expand your team permanently, CTR Group is here to help. We specialize in direct hire staffing, connecting you with professionals who are not just qualified but also aligned with your company’s culture and long-term objectives. Our rigorous selection process ensures candidates possess the right skills, qualifications, and a forward-thinking attitude, ready to grow with your business.

Temp to Hire Staffing Solutions

Our temp to hire solutions are perfect for companies looking for flexibility with the option to commit. This method lets you test a candidate’s compatibility with your team and culture temporarily before offering a permanent position. It’s beneficial for both sides: you receive immediate help, with the chance to permanently hire a well-vetted, effective team member.

Temporary Staffing Solutions

CTR Group also offers temporary automotive staffing solutions for those times you need to ramp up quickly—like for special projects, to cover unexpected absences, or during peak seasons. We provide skilled automotive workers on a temporary basis, helping you maintain productivity without skipping a beat.

Harness the Power of CTR Group’s Automotive Staffing Expertise

CTR Group stands out in automotive staffing. We’re known nationwide as the go-to for roles from the production line to top management. What sets us apart? A deep dive into who you are and what you need, and a keen understanding of the automotive field.

Trust Us to Staff Your Automotive Company

Choosing CTR Group means you’re ready to tackle the challenges of automotive staffing head-on. With our vast experience and knowledge in finding the right people—from engineers to managers—we’re here to meet your unique demands. As a leading agency, we tailor our solutions to help your company shine.

Your Strategic Automotive Staffing Partner

We’re more than just about filling spots. CTR Group focuses on quality, efficiency, and service tailored to you, ensuring our partnership lasts and supports your staffing needs. With our flexible staffing options, we keep you ahead of market trends. Think of us as your strategic ally, pushing your automotive business forward with expertise you can trust.