Light and Heavy Industrial Employment Solutions for your Business

The entire economy in this country rests on the shoulders of our industrial partners. CTR Group brings a competitive edge to the business of finding and hiring talent. That’s why we’re the top manufacturing staffing and recruitment agency frequently selected as a go-to resource by the manufacturing and industrial sector.

These days, it’s tough to find talent. But CTR Group has been building our networks of skilled workers and contract laborers for more than 30-years. It’s an edge that sets us—and you—apart from your competition. CTR Group serves and supports hundreds of candidates and companies as we work every day to match the best talent with the right job. We partner with our clients in warehousing, automotive, medical, shipping, logistics, and so many more.

CTR’s recruiters bring that a competitive edge to our client partners as we engage in the search for personnel. What sets us apart is the speed of hiring and the quality of our candidates. CTR Group is proven in the industry at delivering qualified candidates in the light and& heavy industrial fields. If you need high-volume qualified hourly talent or high-level engineering and design professionals, CTR can help.

Why is CTR Group the Top Manufacturing Staffing and Recruiting Agency in the Country?

CTR Provides Qualified Candidates Including, But  Not Limited To:

  • Assembly Workers 
  • Automation Engineers 
  • Boiler Makers 
  • Carpenters 
  • CNC Machinists 
  • Combo Welders/Fitters 
  • Construction Project Managers 
  • Conventional Machinists 
  • Directors of Business Development 
  • Drivers 
  • Electrical Engineers 
  • Electrical Estimators 
  • Forklift Mechanics 
  • Forklift Operators 
  • General Laborers 
  • Health and Safety Representatives 
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanics 
  • HVAC Service Techs 
  • Industrial Electricians 
  • Industrial Painters 
  • Inside Machinists 
  • Inventory Specialists 
  • Iron Workers 
  • Machine Shop Supervisors 
  • Maintenance Electricians 
  • Material Handlers 
  • Mechanics 
  • Merchandisers 
  • NDT Inspectors 
  • Outside Machinists 
  • Packers 
  • Pipe Fitters 
  • Pipe Welders 
  • Pipe Foreman 
  • PLC Technicians 
  • Plumbers 
  • Project Assistants 
  • Sheet Metal Installers 
  • Sheet Metal Mechanics 
  • Shop Fitters 
  • Shop Welders 
  • Site Superintendents 
  • Structure Welders 
  • Tool Room Attendants 
  • Valve Mechanics 
  • Valve Techs 
  • Warehouse Workers 
  • Wash Down Technicians 

For more than 30 years, CTR Group has been working side-by-side with a vast number and variety of firms in the industrial sector.  We have become the light and heavy industrial employment solution for these firms. Skilled laborers know we have top heavy equipment manager jobs along with warehouse worker positions, material handling jobs, and more.  
Our commitment is full-cycle; we can source, screen, negotiation, and hire your talent. We also offer a contingent workforce to help you during staffing shortages or from the demanding pressure of a busy industrial production season. We understand the challenges you’re facing, which is exactly why companies select CTR Group as their top pick out of all the manufacturing staffing and recruiting agency competitors in the market today.

To learn more about what our manufacturing staffing and recruiting agency can offer your business contact CTR Group today!