Frequently Asked Questions

How many years has the CTR Group been in business?

Our CEO, Arnold Boyd, founded The CTR Group in 1987. We have been in the same Newport News, Virginia location for over three decades.

What services do you offer at CTR?

We offer three key options to suit your individual staffing needs:

  • Temporary employees for seasonal needs or to accommodate the peaks and valleys of your business or production cycle.
  • For long-range or permanent hiring needs, we offer the popular Temp-to-Hire “try before you buy” option, which gives you a 90-day evaluation period before taking the employee(s) onto your payroll.
  • The Direct-Hire option is favored by employers seeking to fill more highly-paid technical or professional positions, although this option is also available for hiring hourly workers.

What are CTR’s specific industries and disciplines?

Since CTR’s founding in 1987, the company has been responding to the surrounding industry sectors: maritime, manufacturing, aerospace, energy, government, technical, medical and healthcare, eventually taking it to the national level. We are happy to provide our customers with “one-stop shopping,” providing personnel from janitor to plant manager, ship fitter to software developer, office clerk to shipyard superintendent and all positions in between.

How does the process work?

It’s simple: Once you provide us with a job summary and details of exactly what you need, we search among literally millions of candidates to narrow it down to a handful of the best candidates. After carefully screening and vetting the candidates, we submit them for your review. You can then interview and choose the candidates that best fit your needs.

What sets CTR apart from other staffing firms?

There are many choices when it comes to staffing firms, but all staffing firms are not alike. At CTR, we align our search and selection of candidates to closely match our customer’s unique requirements. We serve as an extension of your human resources department and team up with your organization to tailor our recruiting system to match yours. This system offers you the “best fit” for your positions and a higher quality of candidates.

What is the advantage of hiring a staffing firm versus doing my own recruiting?

Doing your own recruiting is time-consuming. You may have to sort through hundreds of candidates, only to find out none of them really fit what you want. But more importantly, you may not have access to the myriad job boards, search engines and candidate listings that a professional recruitment firm has at their fingertips. CTR has access to millions of candidates, and one of those could be your next superstar employee making a difference in your organization.

How do you screen your candidates?

Depending on our client requests and needs, we do skill match interviews, behavioral interviews, skill testing and many other types of screening. Our onboarding requirements always include drug tests and background checks. When we sit down with you, our newest client, we will build a system that is tailored to your company needs and best results.

I know I need help, but we’re a smaller firm and I’ve never been an employer before. How much will I have to pay somebody to do X?

Factors such as location, the scarcity of the needed skill, the work environment and advancement potential are among the considerations that determine compensation.

I just need somebody for a few weeks. Can you help me?

Absolutely. The CTR Group can help you with all your temporary staffing needs. You can count on us to respond quickly and provide temporary help for as long as you need it.

What benefits are available for your temporary employees?

Our associates enjoy group health, a pre-tax cafeteria spending plan and paid vacation after industry-standard eligibility waiting periods. These benefits help us develop and maintain a stronger relationship with our associates, reduce turnover and improve quality.

I want to hire somebody for this position rather than using a temporary. Can you help me with that?

As your complete, full-service staffing partner, the CTR Group can help with all your employment needs, including full-time placements. Please see our warranties for full-time placements for assurance that hiring through CTR is the way to go.

I think I would feel more comfortable hiring a woman (or a man, or somebody of a certain age, or ethnic background). Will you search for somebody matching those criteria?

The CTR Group is an equal opportunity employer; we cannot exclude anyone from consideration based on gender, age, ethnicity or any legally protected status.

What if I find someone I prefer over the candidates you present? Do I have to hire one of your people?

You are under no obligation to hire any of the candidates we send to you. The CTR Group really is the no-risk way to ensure you are seeing the best people for your needs.

What if I really like somebody, but I’m just not sure it’s going to work out?

The CTR Group provides options which make it easier for you to gain confidence in your hiring decision. Because we present only the most qualified candidates for your review, we have confidence that each will meet your expectations. However, if an employee, whom we have placed, leaves for any reason before ninety (90) days, CTR Group will replace the employee without a fee.

Why should I use a service like the CTR Group instead of just running an ad in the paper or on the internet?

When you are ready to hire, CTR Group makes it simple, fast and affordable. You get the best person for the job. We extend your horizon of prospective candidates to include many quality candidates you may have never considered. We eliminate the challenge of getting your ad noticed by the wrong person. CTR Group saves you time by filtering your applicant pool for you. Say goodbye to pouring through piles of resumes or wasting your time in interviews with applicants who clearly do not match your needs. You can go about your real job while focusing only on candidates that have been screened and referred to meet your criteria.

What is the process and timeline for presenting quality candidates?

After reviewing your job order and receiving approval to work on your behalf, we post the position internally; search our candidate database; make inquiries throughout our extensive candidate referral network; and apply proprietary methods of candidate mining. Often, we can provide resumes from our pre-screened associates’ list for your review immediately. Otherwise, we deliver qualified, interested candidates as soon as we fully screen them. Requirements that are more complex may entail additional time.

How do we get started? I need a candidate now!

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