Why Choose CTR Group for Your Technical Staffing Needs?

At CTR Group, we specialize in Technical Staffing, providing your business with top talent in engineering, design, scientific, IT, medical, construction, and more. With over 35 years of experience building our databases, we ensure access to a diverse range of technical professionals. In an era of unprecedented demand for skilled workers, we are equipped to meet your needs fast!


CTR's technical staffing agency candidate smiling while at her desk at the job site.

CTR’s staffing specialists excel in the technical sector. Our expert recruiters are dedicated to representing our clients’ best interests throughout the candidate search process. We’ve got you covered!

Our Expertise

Whether you need an engineering manager, administrator, skilled worker, or top executive, CTR Group can find and hire the right talent for your team. We excel by building strong, long-lasting relationships with candidates, which allows us to maintain a comprehensive database. Partnering with us gives you access to our extensive networks of highly skilled technical professionals.

Technical Staffing Solutions

CTR’s technical recruiters focus on the provision of vital recruitment and staffing solutions to clients within engineering, information technology, medical, industrial, and manufacturing business environments domestically.

Why Choose CTR Group

Our team has been building our databases for over 35 years. It’s why we can offer you a wide variety of skilled professionals at a time when the demand is the highest it’s ever been.

Skilled Recruiters

Our skilled recruiting team spends all day proactively sourcing and screening candidates—something we know your HR team simply does not have the time to do.

Our Services

We Provide Technical Staffing and Recruiting Placements for Positions in:

  • Administration
  • Construction Professionals
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • IT Professionals
  • Managers
  • Plastic Engineers
  • Scientists
  • Skilled Industrial Trades
  • Technicians
  • And Many More!

Competitive Advantage

Today, you need a competitive advantage. Why not partner with a staffing and recruiting agency that other companies look to in a narrow candidate marketplace? CTR Group delivers, and we would like to be your technical recruiting specialists. Contact us to meet your hiring goals.

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To learn more about what our technical staffing agency can offer your business or how we can further your career, contact us today!