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There are few industries more crucial to our way of life than energy – so it’s imperative that the right energy professionals are placed in the right roles. CTR is proud to provide comprehensive renewable energy staffing solutions to a range of organizations, from private sector companies to government agencies to research institutions. Our energy recruiters wield decades of combined experience to place the engineers, mechanics, technicians, and other exceptional individuals who have the skills, tenacity, and grit required to power our society.

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The energy sector is marked by constant evolution, stiff competition, and a need for specialized talent – all of which combine to make recruiting and hiring a formidable challenge. To overcome these hurdles and move your organization forward, you need a staffing and recruiting partner with a deep understanding of the expertise required for success in the energy space.

As a leading national energy staffing agency based in Virginia, CTR is uniquely poised to meet this need. Our team of diligent energy recruiters can give you access to an extensive pool of qualified scientists, consultants, engineers, and more. And our commitment to providing our energy clients with the best possible service means you’ll find it simple to stay up to date with the latest industry changes and trends.

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Power Up Your Career With an Energy Recruiter

Are you a skilled engineer, scientist, or technician looking for an exciting career in the energy sector? If so, the energy recruiters at CTR are ready to act as your advocate and guide.

Navigating the energy industry can be a challenge, with intense competition and a shortage of roles that seem to match your specialized skills and experience. But working with a dedicated energy staffing agency can lead you to your ideal position faster. Your CTR energy recruiter will work closely alongside you to understand your background and match you with the employers who will be the best fit. As experts in simplifying complex hiring processes, we can lead the way to finding a suitable and rewarding role in this unique industry.

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Energy Roles We Place

CTR recruits for a wide range of energy roles, including:

  • Blade Technicians
  • Cable Technicians
  • Composite Repair Technicians
  • Electricians
  • Electronic Assembly Technicians
  • Energy & Climate Researchers
  • Energy Storage Engineers
  • Environmental Analysts
  • Fiber Technicians
  • Lead A/V Technicians
  • PV Assemblers
  • Solar Energy Data Analysts
  • Solar Installers
  • Solar Panel Welders
  • Solar Thermal Engineers
  • Technical Leads
  • Wind Turbine Technicians