CTR is a Trusted Government Staffing Agency

When it comes to staffing our government’s most crucial agencies, there’s no room for anything less than the best. Federal leaders need to know that the people they hire are competent, qualified individuals who will go above and beyond to serve the country they love.

CTR is proud to act as a valued and trusted partner in government recruiting. With over 30 years of staffing and recruiting experience, our government staffing agency is run with integrity and expertise, helping to connect outstanding professionals with open roles with federal agencies and government contractors. Based in Virginia but able to fill vacancies nationwide, CTR is an agile and capable recruiting partner for the United States government.
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Streamline Your Hiring with Government Staffing Services

Hiring for federal agencies and other government roles is a momentous responsibility full of pitfalls. Bureaucratic hiring processes and key talent shortages keep critical vacancies open, while complex security and diversity requirements can further complicate the path to staffing. Worse, extended delays caused by red tape can cause your team to lose out on valuable contracts.

Partnering with an established government staffing agency can relieve these burdens and help your organization hire qualified talent faster. The experienced government recruiters at CTR are well-versed in navigating complex federal processes and ensuring compliance. And our extensive network of pre-screened candidates unlocks your access to diverse employees who possess the specialized skills and knowledge necessary to excel in government roles.

Contact CTR today to start overcoming the challenges of hiring for the government sector.
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Build a Rewarding Career With a Government Recruiter

Working for a federal agency or government contractor can offer numerous benefits: purpose, stability, competitive compensation, and more. But the process of getting hired for a government position can be stressful and confusing.

Teaming up with a government staffing agency can speed the path to landing a terrific role. A government recruiter can help you navigate and cut through red tape, connecting you directly with decision makers who will appreciate your dedication and skills. With over 30 years of experience, CTR’s government recruiting team is your shortcut to a unique, challenging, and rewarding career.
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Government Roles We Place

CTR’s government staffing services support a wide range of agencies and departments, including:

  • Aerospace, Aviation & Guidance Systems
  • Department of Defense
  • DoD Contractors
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Transportation
  • Government Financial Services
  • Office of Personnel Management