Effective IT Recruitment Strategies to Find Top Talent in Tech

As our dependence on technology continues to grow, the demand for skilled IT professionals continues to rise. However, with the increasingly complex talent landscape, IT recruiters must employ effective strategies to identify, engage, and hire the best candidates. Here are some proven IT recruitment strategies from an experienced IT recruitment agency to help you find… Read more »

How Staffing Agencies Customize Strategies to Improve Retention in Light Industrial Workforce

Most American companies have a bit of a retention problem. A 2022 survey showed light industrial companies struggling to find enough talent and challenged by keeping their existing staff long term. 31% of light industrial businesses turned away business that year due to a lack of available workers. 72% increased pay to help retain their… Read more »

Addressing Labor Shortages in the Shipbuilding Industry through Flexible Staffing Solutions

The shipbuilding industry is a critical component of national defense and commerce, with shipyard companies in Newport News playing a pivotal role in constructing naval vessels and commercial ships. However, these shipyards frequently face labor shortages that hinder production and delay important projects. Many shipyards turn to marine shipyard staffing agencies for flexible human resource… Read more »

Streamlining Staffing Solutions: Why Partnering with Staffing Experts Makes Sense for Manufacturers in Newport News, Virginia

In today’s business landscape, manufacturing companies in Newport News, Virginia, face many challenges. From fluctuating demand for skilled labor to the need for flexibility in staffing, manufacturers often search for innovative solutions to remain competitive. Many manufacturers turn to staffing experts who provide tailored workforce solutions to address these challenges. In this article, we’ll delve… Read more »

How Shipyard Staffing Agencies Simplify Maritime Recruitment in Newport News, VA

Highlights Shipyard staffing challenges, such as an aging workforce and talent attraction difficulties in Newport News, are spotlighted as significant by USNI News. Effective hiring services are deemed essential for maintaining a robust maritime industry in Newport News. Strategic partnerships with staffing agencies are increasingly vital due to skilled worker shortages and high recruitment costs.   Shipyard… Read more »

Revamp Your Hiring Strategy with the Help of a Staffing Agency in Newport News, VA

Hiring is hard, but there should be no argument against one proven fact: Recruiters in Newport News can make the effort a lot easier. Temporary and direct hire staffing services firms offer regional employers a steady stream of qualified candidates to fill their open roles. Traditional recruitment methods often fall short in meeting the evolving… Read more »

8 Ways Tech Companies in Virginia Can Recruit More Women

IT Recruiters in Virginia understand the importance of bringing more women into the tech field. The tech sector employs between 36 to 48% women (some figures put that lower). As you move up the chain of command, the number of women in tech leadership gradually declines. At the executive level, the industry is still heavily… Read more »

How an IT Staffing Agency Can Help Your Business Grow

It takes a massive effort to find talent these days. It’s a job in itself, often requiring dedicated recruiters, sourcers, administrative assistants, and of course hiring managers. If you’re relying on an in-house HR team to recruit, it leaves them little time to pursue other initiatives. Rarely are recruiters able to find the time to… Read more »

Pros and Cons of Direct Hire Staffing

Direct hire staffing services find permanent employees for your business. Direct hire recruiting is sometimes called headhunting or permanent placement. No matter what you call it, direct hire recruiters serve as the backbone of many industries struggling to find talent, whether construction, industrial, manufacturing, marine—or another field. Many direct hire staffing agencies also handle short-term… Read more »

Maritime Recruitment Strategies for Employers

Recruitment in the maritime industry is a long-term marathon, not a sprint. In our experience, the average shipyard staffing employee changes their job every three years or so. Just like in almost every other field these days, maritime workers seek out new opportunities. But because they are so specialized, it’s hard to replace skilled workers… Read more »